Wilburn interview with Matt Matern on KABC

Steve Wilburn joined the Matt Matern show on KABC to discuss how we can unite and heal America. Click the play button to listen to the interview:


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Frontline mHealth Clinics™️ can provide critically needed medical outreach services to populations and communities where adequate health facilities do not exist, are not functional, or difficult for patients to access.

Cold Chain Custody Regulations

Frontline mHealth Clinics™️ meet cold chain custody regulations, enabling an effective COVID-19 response in underserved communities.

New External Director Adds Industry and Trade Expertise

(Tampa, FL) Cool Technologies, Inc. (OTCQB:WARM) (“CoolTech”), an innovator and intellectual property company in mobile power generation and heat removal technologies, has announced that the Company’s Board of Directors have elected a new external member. The new member of the Board of Directors is Steven Wilburn.

Mr. Wilburn brings vast industry experience, a successful track record and political clout to the Company. He is a chemical engineer with in-depth applications engineering experience and an executive with over 40 years of experience in alternative energy and water treatment.

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He couldn’t sleep. So just before dawn, Steve Wilburn slipped out of his hotel room to walk the beach.

Not just any beach.

After 48 years, he’d returned to Da Nang, where he’d served as a U.S. Marine infantryman in the Vietnam War.
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