Frontline mHealth Clinics™️ can provide critically needed medical outreach services to populations and communities where adequate health facilities do not exist, are not functional, or difficult for patients to access.

As more mHealth clinics are deployed, vulnerable and often displaced people will be able to receive access to basic care, life-saving medical services, and vaccinations.

Monitoring and Controls

Frontline mHealth Clinics include secure, cloud-based monitoring solutions: Sonicu monitoring includes SoniCloud, a modern, scalable, monitoring platform with free software and firmware updates ensuring future compatibility.

With a Frontline mHealth Clinic, you will have:

  • 24/7 monitoring, access, and advanced alarm
  • Continuous data logging
  • View all monitoring at all your on/off site facilities.
  • Web-based access from phone, tablet, or PC

Powered by VerdeWatts® Mobile MicroGrid™

A microgrid is a local energy system which incorporates three key components:

  • Generation, Storage and On Demand Energy Supply
  • All within a bounded and controlled network
  • A microgrid may or may not be connected to a utility grid

The use of a Mobile MicroGrid™️ allows Frontline mHealth Clinics to be deployed in remote locations, and be moved from one location to another, to provide the greatest reach of mobile health services in a geographic area. Mobile MicroGrids can provide clean water and mobile power generation, making them suitable for use in emergency response efforts.

Frontline mHealth Clinics — powered by VerdeWatts®️ Mobile MicroGrid™️ — can be deployed anywhere a truck can drive!

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