Frontline mHealth Clinics™️ meet cold chain custody regulations, enabling an effective COVID-19 response in underserved communities.

Each mHealth Clinic™️  is custom designed to meet your specifications. Frontline Medical Group provides the best mobile medical solution conveniently sized to best respond to your medical practice needs in the communities you serve.

Our objective is to provide mHealth™️ facilities in which healthcare professionals are able to perform their duties effectively in a safe and stable environment for the care and treatment of patients.

Depending on the medical practice and community needs, Frontline mHealth Clinics™️ can be designed and built to meet Cold Chain Custody requirements, enabling critically needed medical outreach, such as vaccinations, to remote areas or underserved populations. Vaccine Temperature Monitoring Kits include everything you need to monitor vaccines in refrigerators or freezers 24/7 and comply with CDC/VFC/WHO regulations.

The units are equipped with tri-fuel power generators that can run off propane, natural gas and gasoline, solar panels, a battery energy storage system, wireless communications, Medical TeleConsult via Video and Audio equipment, and water purification units that can purify seawater and brackish feed waters into potable and even injection grade water.

Monitoring and Controls

Frontline mHealth Clinics include secure, cloud-based monitoring solutions: Sonicu monitoring includes SoniCloud, a modern, scalable, monitoring platform with free software and firmware updates ensuring future compatibility.

  • Health screenings, testing, diagnosis, treatment, immunizations
  • Facilitate early disease detection and containment of outbreaks
  • Referral of critical cases to advanced care
  • Enable TeleConsults with off-site Medical Specialists
  • Maintain Patient Health Records Securely in the Cloud
  • Complete Recording, Reporting and Compliance with Cold Chain Custody Regulations for Vaccines

Powered by VerdeWatts® Mobile MicroGrid™

The use of a Mobile MicroGrid™ allows Frontline mHealth Clinics to be deployed in remote locations, and be moved from one location to another, to provide the greatest reach of mobile health services in a geographic area. Mobile MicroGrids can provide clean water and mobile power generation, making them suitable for use in emergency response efforts.

Frontline mHealth Clinics — powered by VerdeWatts®️ Mobile MicroGrid™️ — can be deployed anywhere a truck can drive!

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