VerdeWatts® is responding to the Covid-19 Pandemic by Supplying Mobile Surface Disinfection Units, Personal Protective Equipment, MobileMicroGrid™ Units, and More

VerdeWatts, LLC is deploying mobile surface disinfecting units to assist first response teams and medical facilities properly clean their locations, and protective gear to keep personnel healthy while they work to contain the pandemic. Our water purification for IV’s and Dialysis water is meeting a critical need to provide medical care for those directly affected by covid-19.

Key Efforts in Our Response

Keeping our first responders and medical personnel healthy protects everyone.


NIOSH approved N95 Masks

Over the weekend of March 21, the first NIOSH approved N95 Masks were distributed to medical teams.

Additional masks were delivered during the next few weeks, earmarked for local first responders and local medical community and their families.

Hazmat Suits and other Protective Gear

VerdeWatts has arranged the import of sizable quantities of manufactured latex and other type material gloves, face shields, hazmat suits, and other much needed gear.

All of this gear is earmarked for our local community, with small amounts allocated for the company’s key international business partners to distribute to the poorest of the poor in Brazil, Chile, Nigeria and Puerto Rico and Australia.

These critically needed supplies will protect health workers and vulnerable populations in densely populated urban areas to help contain the covid-19 pandemic.


Water for Injection (WFI)

In cooperation with the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), VerdeWatts is fabricating equipment for water purification that meets injection purity standards.

This will enable VerdeWatts to quickly expand the availability of equipment to supply the critical need for Water for Injection (WFI) and other pharmaceutical uses, including dialysis.


Mobile Disinfecting Units

VerdeWatts is working with National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) to expand its fabrication of surface disinfection equipment. This industry relationship is enabling VerdeWatts to quickly scale production to supply a critical need to disinfect surfaces and help contain covid-19.

We’ve formed an Advisory Board to Lead Our Covid-19 Response

VerdeWatts has formed an Advisory Board with extensive logistics and medical expertise to lead our response to the covid-19 pandemic and provide desperately needed medical care for those directly affected.

Service Disabled Veteran Owned and Operated

Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business

VerdeWatts is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned and Operated Business.

National Association of Manufacturers

We are members of the National Association of Manufacturers.