VerdeVault™ Energy Storage

VerdeVault™: the smart energy storage and power backup system

VerdeVault™: cord management and control screen options

Options include cord management and LED control screen

VerdeVault is the hub for your smart home

Multiple outlets, USB 3.0 ports, and ethernet ports

24/7 connectivity & management for your system

VerdeVault™ cutaway view & side view

VerdeControls™ continuously manages your energy efficiency to save money.

VerdeVault™ safely stores energy from your solar system in an array of batteries.

The VerdeVault™ Energy Storage and Battery Backup system stores energy from your solar system to power your location at night, and during power outages.

VerdeVault harvests and stores energy from your solar system, can be used to charge an electric vehicle (EV), and can provide power for your home if there is an interruption in power from a utility grid. You will always be using the cheapest energy, as VerdeVault continuously compares the cost of using your locally stored energy vs. power from a utility grid.

Our patented VerdeControls™ enables 360º system visibility 24/7/365 in real-time over a secure network. Connect with your energy management system remotely to monitor your energy use. You can receive alerts that help you manage your energy in the most efficient manner, saving money and time.

A proprietary cord management option is available in cord lengths from three feet to fifteen feet, to ensure your electric vehicle in easy reach for recharging.

Together, VerdeVault and VerdeControls form the hub for your smart home.

    • Wireless connectivity, USB 3.0 ports, and ethernet ports
    • Time lights-on for hours you are scheduled to be present; automate lights-off in unoccupied areas any time of day.
    • Set schedules for smart appliances such as washers and dryers, to utilize energy at the lowest rates.
    • Set different schedules for weekdays, holidays, and weekends.
    • Continuous system information and alerts allow you to quickly identify maintenance needs.

Where Can I Use VerdeVault?

VerdeVault can be used anywhere — at home or a business location. The energy storage system is available in 8kW, 12kW, 16kW, and 32kW size modules, and modules can be combined.

How Can I Get VerdeVault?

Contact VerdeWatts to reserve your VerdeVault system today: