VerdeWatts®, a leader in renewable energy solutions, has entered into a strategic consulting agreement with Impello Global, LLC. This collaboration marks a significant step towards advancing green energy projects, driving economic growth with green investment, and creating a cleaner, more sustainable future.

Impello Global will provide strategic advisory services to maximize the benefits available to VerdeWatts and our investors from the federal tax credits and financial incentives offered under the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 and the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA), widely recognized as the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill.

VerdeWatts is strategically positioned to capitalize on these federal programs with its green energy projects, fostering the creation of well-paying jobs and providing our investors with attractive tax-advantaged investment opportunities within the green energy sector — a vital part of the rapidly expanding green economy.

As part of this initiative, VerdeWatts is developing advanced manufacturing facilities to produce our patented and proprietary technologies, with a clear focus on achieving a net zero carbon footprint in every aspect of our business. This commitment further solidifies VerdeWatts as an innovative industry leader, actively influencing the evolution of green energy technologies for today and tomorrow.

VerdeWatts is powering the journey to net zero living. At VerdeWatts, we are working to implement sustainable energy & clean water solutions that positively impact people’s health & economic conditions.

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Impello Global is a U.S. based trade finance advisor to companies, private equity firms, and lenders looking to expand their global trade and finance capabilities. The firm’s primary focus is structured medium and long term debt facilities to support its clients global initiatives.

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