California Hits Historical Renewables Milestone

California hits a historic milestone for renewable energy production

Renewable energy has supplied 100 percent of California’s energy demand for at least 15 minutes and up to six hours per day during 30 of the last 38 days— a historic renewables milestone for the state.

Wind, solar, and hydro energy is now exceeding demand across the state, producing more energy than Californians require on an almost daily basis. CAISO, the state’s electric grid operator has curtailed generation from renewable sources in rare instances in order to maintain the balance between supply and demand. It’s a problem they are looking to overcome without curtailment of renewable power sources.

CAISO chart of energy production curtailment

Chart shows renewable energy production curtailment by CAISO in order to balance supply and demand to maintain electrical grid stability.

Solutions to maintain a balanced energy grid while avoiding production curtailment starts with energy storage (batteries), but also includes smarter, more responsive controls that can quickly respond to sudden increases and decreases in energy demand. Other solutions include leveraging the growing number of EV charging systems so that they’re responsive to changing grid conditions, and expanding the Western regional market. You can learn more by visiting the CAISO website.